LWVSPA Voter Guide

An election guide to help voters make informed decisions

Main Goals

Create a website back-end that streamlines voter guide creation for each election

Easily add new elections, races, candidates, and ballot issues while archiving past elections

Create a website back-end that's easy to manage for site admins

When the LWVSPA approached me with a project to revamp their voter guide ahead of the 2018 Midterm Elections, I was immediately hooked by their mission and values. Being a responsible citizen is something I value very much, so I was happy with work with LWVSPA to create a mobile-friendly resource to inform voters about races and candidates in a non-biased, digestible format.

The challenge of organizing all of the candidates and races was the most fun part of this project. With more than a dozen races and three times as many candidates, I had to figure out a way to organize the candidates in the back-end while making sure that everything in the voter guide, from the Primary Election to the General Election and beyond, could be archived and searchable.

To accomplish this, I built a series of custom post types for the candidates and ballot issues, and assigned custom taxonomies to group them by election, race, and party. Then, I built custom page templates for the ballot issues and candidate which display information conditionally based on if a candidate responded to the survey.

Project Scope

WordPress Development


2018 – Ongoing

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