Refining a brand to reflect expertise and maturity

Main Goals

Highlighting offerings to showcase what kinds of products and services ResFloor provides for their customers
Create an engaging experience by utilizing strong photography and a refreshed visual design
Optimize the user flow to provide a streamlined experience with clean, well-organized design
Create a website back-end that is easy to manage and update in the future

ResFloor is a provider of concrete flooring and installation products and services for commercial and industrial clients. They have a number of large clients and customers on a regional level, but their old website didn't reflect the quality or scope of work they provide. Several years after the launch of their original website, ResFloor was aiming to evolve the design to reflect their expertise and maturity.

ResFloor hired me to design and develop a new website that showcased the company’s product line and services specifically for commercial and industrial customers. Their old website utilized a dark color scheme, and while I normally love a dark theme, the kind of services Resfloor provides means the new website was begging for a light, refined visual style.

I took inspiration from luxury brand websites and explored a design system of minimalism, negative space, and stellar imagery combined with strong typography. By letting the photography breathe while pairing it with succinct writing about their expertise, the new design exudes a sense of precision and cleanliness while retaining a humanist personality.

Project Scope

Web Design
WordPress Development



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