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VMI Group is a full-service provider of concrete and construction services for commercial and industrial clients in Ohio. They have a number of large clients and customers on a regional level, but their old website didn’t reflect the quality of the work they provide—it was basically a single landing page! Additionally, the old website was a poor recruitment tool for prospective employees and had a lot of room for improvement regarding content structure and overall visual style.

VMI Group hired me to redesign their website from the ground up. The main goal of the website was to create a highly engaging user experience, accomplished by dynamic components like transitions and animations, as well as interactive components like sliders to showcase projects. The visual style emphasizes their modern and innovative approach through a strong, clean typeface and a vibrant blue color scheme.

We worked extensively on the content and verbiage of each page—while pictures may say a thousand words, VMI took every opportunity to showcase their value to both clients and employees through strong written content. Ultimately, the website is a showcase of the breadth of the services they provide, but more importantly, a window into the culture and values of a company who is eager to recruit, retain, and grow quality employees.

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Mary-Ann was a pleasure to deal with and made the process very simple. For a business owner, making or redesigning a website can seem like a monumental task. The goal was for the website to be real, authentic, and a platform for telling VMI's story. Mary-Ann did an amazing job creating this platform and a brand identity. Mary-Ann's knowledge and experience working with construction companies was huge. I believe the result of completing our website will have many benefits including less turnover, better recruiting, and more sales.

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