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ACT Pipe & Supply is a well-established supplier in their industry who were looking for a major overhaul to their website. ACT had two clear goals going into this project: update the site with a modern design, and build it on a framework that allows site admins to easily maintain and edit the site in the future. I worked with ACT to deliver a complete website design that is engaging and builds a narrative around their company, services, and product lines.

My personal goal for the site—which the old site lacked—was a clear way to convert site visitors into potential customers. Instead of having a simple link to a Contact Us page in the navigation, I embedded a contact form on each service page to encourage potential customers to reach out and establish a relationship.

Another goal for the site was making it responsive. The old site was fixed width, which caused a wacky user experience on mobile by forcing the user to zoom in and out in order to access areas within the site. To bring the site up to modern design and development standards, I designed and built the website with responsiveness always at the forefront, which is especially apparent in the navigation. Thanks to a custom theme and Beaver Builder, it was a smooth process make the new website user friendly and accessible across all devices.

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