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Embellish My Home is a furniture store that provides a wide range of home furnishings and accessories, and also offers complementary design services.

One of the business problems that the owner was facing was having inherited an out-of-date brand identity and website. In partnership with Natacha Poggio, the goal of the redesign was to be able to market to a shifting demographic of people with more modern tastes while also appealing to the rustic roots and older folks of the community.

The first phase of the project was the brand redesign. One of the core challenges was creating a logo that didn’t look like every other furniture store or real-estate business—a difficult feat! For the brandmark, I looked at tons of photos of furniture, particularly Tuscan and rustic-style furniture, since that was once the main aesthetic of the community. After many iterations on the brandmark and a wide exploration into typefaces, the logo was refined to be reminiscent of tufted furniture. The business’ tagline is “Making Your House A Home”, so the idea of tufts invokes the memory of a comfy chair or couch that one looks forward to relaxing in after a long day.

Logo Design Process

Embellish My Home Final Logo

Final Logo



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