LSC Wellness Portal and Website

Wellness Coaching Portal

Laura S. Conley is a personal coach that works with clients looking to boost their levels of performance or improve their state of health and well-being.

Laura’s coaching website is a membership portal to keep clients engaged on their wellness journey. Users stay on track by taking self-assessments, setting goals, adding journal entries, accessing exclusive content, and sharing notes or files with Laura. A separate admin dashboard was created to send messages to clients, view assessments, and review a client’s goals in order to find the best way to support them.

The member dashboard functionality was built with Formidable Pro forms and views. This area is fairly complex in the back-end, relying on multiple nested views, conditional fields, and URL parameters to display the correct data to the user.

In addition to the website, I also created a series of PDFs for Laura's nutritional content and healthy recipes.




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