Cougar Companies

Two companies combined into one cohesive experience

Main Goals

Highlight service offerings to showcase what kinds of services Cougar Companies as a whole provides for their customers

Create an engaging experience by utilizing strong photography and videos

Optimize the user flow to provide a streamlined experience with clean, well-organized design

Create a website back-end that is easy to manage and update in the future

Design an overall more dynamic and engaging environment

Cougar Companies is a full-service provider of all types of construction services ranging from drilling to roadway and vertical construction. They are an established company that has seen great success at a regional level, but their old websites didn't reflect the full scope of their services and the quality of the work they provide. By having two distinct websites and company names (“Contracting” vs. “Cutting”) to showcase different types of services, the company didn't feel as cohesive as it could have been by showcasing services under the Cougar Companies brand name.

I worked with Cougar to create a new website that ties the two branches of the company together. The new website highlights service offerings under one umbrella through an engaging experience for site visitors by utilizing strong photography and keeping copy short and to the point.

Project Scope

Website Design
WordPress Development



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