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LevelUp Concrete Solutions provides concrete repair and leveling services in regions across Indiana. Because they are a relatively new company, organic growth was non-existent, and the company relied on PPC campaigns to drive traffic to the website. While the PPC approach successfully got search result clicks and customer leads, LevelUp desired more organic traffic that solidified them as established experts in their field.

The first project I completed for LevelUp was helping them with their SEO strategy to generate increased organic website traffic. I helped them interpret their current traffic data, researched areas of improvement, and provided content recommendations for both their website and social media channels.

After conducting an SEO audit to analyze the website's structure and organic search performance, it became apparent that the website had a lot of opportunities for improvement in user experience, design aesthetics, technical and performance considerations, and security. A website overhaul allowed them to leverage the strong content they currently had in a format that is easier to navigate and consume, ultimately generating more organic leads and allowing them to break into new geographic markets.

Thus, I created a new website that showcases the company's service offerings, provides resources and information for prospective customers, and ultimately creates an engaging and informative experience for site visitors. The new website leverages a "Learning Center" approach, where each service has numerous articles, FAQs, and resources linked from the Learning Center area of the site.

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