Refreshing an established brand

Main Goals

Highlight offerings to showcase what kinds of services and value Firmatek provides for their customers
Create an engaging experience by utilizing new written content, strong photography, and software screenshots
Optimize the user flow to provide a streamline experience with a clean, well-organized design
Create a website back-end that's easy to manage and update in the future

Firmatek is a provider of drone and data solutions for a wide range of customers across various industries. Their service offerings are incredibly valuable (and objectively cool), but their old website was outdated and didn't reflect the growth and innovation they've been building on for several years. Firmatek hired me to refresh their website by adding new pages and rebuilding existing pages with updated imagery, layouts, and visual styles that fit their existing brand.

This project was a particularly fun one for me—not only did I get to learn a lot of new information about drones and their unique (and awesome!) capabilities, but I was able to learn a different perspective on some of the industries that I've worked with in the past. The website utilizes lots of written content as well as strong photography and software examples, so piecing all of the content together into a well-organized, engaging layout was a fun challenge. By improving legibility, paring down existing content, and including clear value propositions on every page, the user experience is optimized for learning about Firmatek's offerings in a streamlined, engaging way.

Project Scope

Web Design
WordPress Development



What They Said:

Our team greatly enjoyed working with Mary-Ann to rebuild our website. Her project management skills made the entire process enjoyable and efficient. From start to finish, Mary-Ann exemplified creativity and professionalism. It was a pleasure to partner with her!

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