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Cem-Base Website

Cem-Base has been providing a range of soil stabilization and modification services in in the Midwest for over 30 years, establishing its reputation as a high-quality, knowledgeable contractor. As the industry continues to evolve and infrastructure needs continue to expand, Cem-Base was aiming to increase brand awareness, grow its market presence, organically increase sales and recruitment, and overall improve its digital presence.

The old website was outdated and didn't reflect the quantity or quality of work they provide, with lots of room for improvement regarding content structure, overall visual style, and showcasing what makes them a top-quality contractor for projects and an attractive employer to prospective candidates.

The new website showcases the company's capabilities for commercial, industrial, and municipal customers by creating an engaging experience for site visitors. By utilizing a clean, well-organized design with a focus on strong imagery and quality written content, the new website is a pleasant user experience that has consistently seen a rise in organic traffic and project inquiries.

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