Immersive Technology Conference

Event registration and session calendar for a tech event

Main Goals

Showcase the ITC in a visual appealing and engaging way to drive event registrations

Collect applications for speakers and sponsors, and allow users to register for the conference

Display conference schedules and session information

The Immersive Technology Conference (ITC) is a technology and software conference dedicated to virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality solutions for non-gaming or non-entertainment applications.

The Immersive Technology Conference was formed as a way to bring together developers, companies, and startups to discuss and collaborate on these new technologies for enterprise applications. For its second year, ITC wanted to refresh their website and create a smooth user experience for attendees looking for information, and for sponsors/exhibitors/speakers to easily register.

The goal of the visual design was to appeal to a corporate audience that’s interested in learning about how these new technologies could add value to their businesses. To achieve this goal, the site uses a cool color scheme, with a vibrant teal as the primary color. The visual direction was designed in partnership with Natacha Poggio.

A core component of the project was a handful of forms to allow speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors to apply to become part of the conference. The multi-step forms, created with Formidable Pro, utilize conditional logic and field calculations to determine the total price based on package level, number of attendees, and additional add-ons.

Project Scope

Website Design
WordPress Development



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