Lagestee Land Management

A new website for a new company

Main Goals

Tell the story of LLM to emphasize that they are a passionate, trustworthy company

Highlight service offerings to showcase what kinds of services LLM provides for their customers

Answer frequently asked questions to make conversations with current and potential customers more efficient

Encourage reviews and testimonials in order to help customers make informed decisions

Optimize the user flow to provide a streamlined experience with clean, well-organized design

Create a website back-end that is easy to manage and update in the future

Lagestee Land Management, or LLM for short, is a new company in Illinois that focuses on forestry and land management services. Tyyler Lagestee, owner and operator, reached out to me to take care of the new website from design to launch.

After my initial conversation with Tyyler, I knew this was a company that was full of passion, integrity, and drive to get projects done right. The website highlights these core values and showcases LLM's offerings, while also educating site visitors about different types of land management and forestry services.

Project Scope

Website Design
WordPress Development



What They Said:

I discovered Mary-Ann Zykin while viewing one of her customers websites, immediately I contacted her and started the planning process. From the initial planning and scheduling the timeline, it was a smooth process with plenty of communication which I really appreciated. She absolutely met and exceed my expectations for what I had envisioned the website to be. I will definitely be contacting her in the future for more projects to help push my business to the next level!!

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