Turner Mining Group Employee Portal

Turner Mining Group Employee Portal

The Turner Mining Group Employee Portal is an intranet built for current and prospective employees across the organization.

Over the past few years, I've worked for and with companies with outdated, clunky, disorganized intranets that were a pain to use and manage. Every time I encounter a client's intranet, I'm hit with a longing to redesign it and create something better—a tool for employees to refer back to as needed and find the information they need at their fingertips. When TMG approached me with the project to build an employee portal for their organization, I jumped at the chance.

Because we were designing and building from the ground up using WordPress, we had a lot of flexibility in terms of design, features, and functionality. I had just wrapped up creating a fresh, new design system for them so I was eager to start implementing it on the web. TMG had already laid a lot of the groundwork in terms of categorizing and and compiling information, so it was my job to design a platform that was considerate of the end user, well-organized, and easy for site admins to manage.

We wanted to create a useful tool for the entire company and provide the resources they need quickly and efficiently, whether they're a new employee or an established one looking for a specific document or contact information. But we didn't want it to just be a document dump either—we implemented interactive features like "Ask TMG Anything" and the ability to share photos from the job site in order to foster engagement.

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