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Bellwether Forest Products

Bellwether Forest Products is a full-service provider of timber harvesting and hauling services. They have a number of large clients and customers on a regional and national level, but their old website didn't reflect the full scope of their services and the quality of the work they provide. Additionally, the old website was a poor recruitment tool for prospective employees and had a lot of room for improvement regarding content structure and highlighting career paths.

Bellwether Forest Products hired me to create a new website that tells a meaningful narrative for potential employees and customers, creates an engaging experience for site visitors, and is easy to update for website managers.

This project taught me so much about industry that I knew virtually nothing about. By spending the first few weeks of the projects listening, learning, and asking lots of questions, I was able to dive deep into the logging industry—an industry that significantly touches each of our lives every single day. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have worked a project that challenged some of my preconceived notions, and was constantly reminded of one of the reasons I became a designer in the first place—to learn and constantly grow.

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