An Introduction

June 4, 2020 •

I’ve never really been much of a blogger. I’ve tried journaling throughout various points in my life but could never really get the habit to stick. But lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to get my thoughts down on paper. Er, well, type my thoughts out on a screen…

I’ve been a professional designer for over 6 years now, and I really wish I had started writing earlier. I wish I was able to look back on concrete words and see what my thoughts and processes were like, and how much I’ve grown as a designer. I mean, I can feel that I’ve grown as a designer, from my processes and workflow to speaking with clients, but I would have loved to be able to look back on the journey in a more concrete way.

People that know me in person know that I love talking about web design and I can get really nerdy about the details. So that’s why I’m starting now. My intention for this section of my website is to write about web design, WordPress development, and perhaps—sometimes—unrelated general topics so that I can not only contribute to the web design community, but also provide a resource for clients.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this blog grows and am going to savor every moment of the experience along the way.


More Thoughts

Not Simply A Vendor

I’m often referred to as a vendor, particularly by larger organizations. That’s understandable–I do provide a service offering, usually for a fixed amount of time and money. The organization outsources design and/or web development efforts to me, much in the same manner as they would outsource their IT needs, security, or legal assistance. But every…

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Weekly Check-Ins

I’m not the biggest fan of surprises. Sure, I like a small surprise like a sweet treat from a loved one or a meal looking much better than you expected when it arrives at the table, but the keyword here is small. Big surprises (or at least, the anticipation of one) makes me more nervous…

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Why bespoke web design?

The term bespoke design refers to custom design made from scratch according to the project needs, instead of using a template as a starting off point. I approach all of my design projects with fresh eyes and my initial goal is to learn the needs of the project.

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Web Hosting Recommendations

More often than not, when a new client and I embark on a new project together, I get asked for some recommendations for web hosting solutions. Either they currently have a website but they’re not happy with their current host—maybe the support is lackluster, the user interface is clunky, their site is slow—or they don’t…

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